Dumplings: Pork and Shrimp with Shredded Chives

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Serving: 2 people

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

Flavor: Pork and Shrimp with Shredded Chives

High in Protein | Heart Healthy | High in Vitamins

| Allergens: Seafood, Wheat, Soy |




Eating dumpling during Lunar New Year has been a tradition for almost two thousand years for people in the northern region of China. The gathering of many dumplings on one plate implies the families and friends’ holiday reunion. The wrappers are made from the flour dough and stuffed with meat and vegetables. The most popular filling combination is ground pork with shredded chives as we provided to you in the menu. The wrappers are not hard to make, but we offer you with the fresh-made wrappers for your convenience. Dumplings often served with raw garlic and dark vinegar or soy sauce. Raw garlic not only provide the intensive aromatic, its bioactive sulfur compound and nutrition can also benefit people from preventing heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer according to National Cancer Institute. Chives is a type of healthy Antioxidants and contains plenty of nutrients such as potassium, iron, calcium, vitamins A & C to improve bone strength and heart health.


A. Shrimp ½ lb.

B. Ground Pork ½ lb.

C. Fresh shredded chives 1 lb.

D. Pre-made wraps: count 40


Spice and Sauces (Well organized and combined in containers No.1 – No.6):

- Vegetable Oil     - Green Onion      - Ginger      - Salt

- Soy Sauce         - Chinese Cooking Wine      - Sesame oil       - Dipping Sauce



Step by Step Recipe


1. In a large mixing bowl, add Ingredients A & B, then add container No.2, then No.1 + 3 + 4 together and mix in the same direction. Add ingredient C and container No.5 + 6 and keep stirring until everything is mixed.


2. You will receive a card on How to Wrap Dumplings

3. In a large wok or saucepan, boil water to the middle of the pan. Once the water is boiled, carefully add the dumplings and stir to make sure the dumpling wraps wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the wok or saucepan. Add a pinch of salt to avoid the wraps from breaking. No lid/pan cover is needed. Once the water boiled, add at least 1 cup of cold water for the first time and turn to medium heat. When the water boiled again, add another cup of cold water as the second time. And finally, when the water boiled again, add another cup of cold water as the third time. Once the water boiled, turn off the heat and get the dumplings out of the pan with a colander. Serve with dipping sauce as provided and enjoy!







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