Ma Po Tofu

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Serving: 2 People

Cooking Time: 25 Minutes

Flavor: Salty and Mild Spicy 

High-Protein | Weight Loss | Non-GMO

| Allergens: Soy, Wheat |



Ma Po Tofu is an authentic Sichuan-style dish with a plenty of high-quality protein. It was originally developed as a vegetarian dish by a restaurant owner’s wife (Ma Po) in Sichuan in the year 1862. The tofu dish soon became very popular among the guests. However, some guests told the chef they wanted meat as well in the dish. Over time, the dish evolved into what we are cooking today. The dish includes pepper and hot chili. It is spicy, hot and tender. Tofu is considered one of the most nourishing and healthy ingredients. The best way to enjoy Ma Po Tofu is to serve with a bowl of steamed rice.


A. Fresh Tofu 1lb 3 Oz | Our Tofu is Non-GMO Verified With No Preservatives|  

B. Ground Pork 3 Oz Our pork is raised Certified-Humane with no growth hormones or steroids |

C. 1 Cup of Rice   ( How to Cook Rice )


Spice and Sauces (Well organized and combined in containers No.1 – No.8):

- Peppercorn                     - Cooking Wine         - Soy Sauce

- Scallion                           - Vegetable Oil          - Sea Salt

- Ginger                             - Garlic                     - Soybean Paste

- Pi Xian Soybean Paste   - Gluten-Free Starch 

Step by Step Recipe 

1. Prepare the Peppercorn and Tofu: Put peppercorn (No.8) in a dry skillet over medium-high heat for 3-4 min until dry and crunchy. Then grind the peppercorn into powder. Cut the tofu into cubes (recommended size: 1 inch). Carefully boil the tofu cubes in a wok or pan for 5-10 min with water barely submerge all the ingredients. Then set the tofu on a plate for later use. (Do not break the tofu in this process.)

2. Saute the Ground Pork: Wipe out the wok,pour oil (No.2) into the pan and heat up for 2 min. Put ground pork into the pan and sauté for 2-3 minutes until the meat is well cooked. Make sure the meat is all spread out in the pan. Then add the sauce (No.3) into the wok and sautée for another 1 min.

3. Add Sauces: Add the sauce from (No.4) and spice from (No.5) to the pan, cook and stir frequently for 30 seconds until ingredients are mixed evenly. Then shake well the sauce from (No.6) and add it to the pan. 

4. Add Tofu: Put the boiled tofu (from step 1) carefully into the pan, add in water until the tofu is barely submerged. Heat to boiling on high. Once boiling, cover with the lid and reduce the heat to low. Cook 5-6 min. Stir occasionally. 

5. Final Step: Open the lid, turn heat to high, keep cooking for another 5-10min or until the juice submerges only 1/3 of the tofu. Shake well the sauce (No.7) and add in. Cook and carefully stir (do NOT break the tofu cubes) for another 40 seconds to 1 minute until the tofu is thoroughly coated. Turn off the heat. Carefully plate the tofu onto two dishes, garnish with the peppercorn powder (from step 1) and the minced scallion (No.9). Enjoy!

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