Simmer Pork Short Ribs with Green Beans

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Serving: 2 People

Cooking Time: 40min

High Protein | Essential Minerals | Dietary Fiber

Allergens: | Soy, Wheat, Bean |




This is a famous simmered dish from Northeastern China, which has a similar climate to the Northeastern United States: it gets extremely cold in the winter. This gourmet course serves people premium short ribs with harvest corn in a warm stew to aid against the cold weather. In olden times, this dish would be cooked in a large wok and shared by the entire family for dinner. The dish provides plenty of protein, a variety of vitamins and essential bone-supportive and tissue-supportive nutrients to enhance the human body in the winter.


A. Pork Spare Short Ribs 1lb | Our pork is raised Certified-Humane with no growth hormone or steroid |  

B. - Green Bean 11 Oz | Freshly Grown From Local Farms |

    - Corn | Grown in California |

C. Potato 10 Oz

D. 1 Cup of Rice   ( How to Cook Rice )


Spice and Sauces (Well organized and combined in containers No.1 – No.6):

- Dry Anise          - Dry Red Chili         - Soy Sauce

- Scallion             - Vegetable Oil         - Peppercorn

- Ginger               - Garlic                     - Soybean Paste

Step by Step Recipe 

1. Prepare Ribs: Put pork short ribs (No. A) into a pot with cold water, and add 1 anise from (No.2) to the water. Cook on high heat until boiling. After boiling, reduce the heat to medium and keep boiling for another 3 min. Take out the ribs and set them to dry for later use.

2. Adding Spices: Heat the vegetable oil from (No.1) for 1-2 min until hot, then add in the rest of dry spices from (No.2) to the pan. Cook for 1-2min until fragrant. Then add spices from (No.3), stir and cook for 1-2 min until fragrant.

3. Cook Ribs: Add the boiled ribs from step 1 to the pan, cook and stir for 4-5 minutes until all sides of the ribs are browned. Add the green beans (B) to the pan, cook and stir for 3 min. Then add the bean paste and soy sauce from (No.4) and (No.5). Keep stirring for another 3-4 minutes until everything is well mixed.

4. Simmer: Add water to the pan to barely submerge all the ingredients. Cook on high heat until boiling. Then cover with lid, reduce to medium heat and keep boiling for another 15 minutes.

5. Finish the Dish: While waiting, peel the potato (C) and corn (B) and cut into cubes (recommend size: 1-2 inches). After step 4 is finished, add the potato and corn. Stir and mix all the ingredients well. Then cover with lid again and simmer for another 15 minutes. After that, open the lid and turn the heat to high. Add salt (No. 6) and cook for another 5-10 min, until the juice is thickened and only submerges 1/4 of the ingredients. Serve with rice. Enjoy!

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