Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does JimmyBao work?

Asian meals are delicious, but they can be so challenging to prepare and cook! JimmyBao is an authentic Asian meal kit delivery service with simple recipes and all the ingredients you need to create delicious meals in the comfort of your kitchen. Most of our ingredients are pre-washed and pre-cut to make it easy for you. According to customer feedback, most of our meals can be cooked within 30 minutes.


2. Do I need to subscribe? 

No subscription needed ever! We understand many of our customers prefer different options, so we will never force you to commit to anything. You can order JimmyBao meals whenever you want without any strings attached. No unexpected charges or deliveries ever!


3. When and where do you deliver?

We are currently under the process of relocation and service upgrading. Further information will be released soon regarding the delivery. To learn more, please feel free to email us or join the newsletter list.


4. How much is the delivery?

If you order only one meal, the delivery fee is $10. If you order two meals or more, the delivery is free!


5. Will my food stay fresh during transit?

Definitely! We use insulated thermal liners with ice packs to ensure the food stays at the proper temperature during the entire transportation process. Since you are receiving perishable items, we do suggest you put the food in the fridge immediately upon delivery.


6. What happens if I am not at home when my delivery arrives?

Most likely the carrier will leave the box at your doorstep. Please note that JimmyBao is not liable for any lost or stolen deliveries, or for food spoilage due to your absence. We highly recommend you stay at home when you know a delivery is coming since you are receiving a high-value, temperature-sensitive product. If you have special delivery instructions (e.g., leave the package with a neighbor), please contact us at least one business day prior to the delivery time.


7. How long the food will last?

All of our meals are made with fresh ingredients. Thus, we recommend you enjoy the meal as soon as possible for the better quality and taste. There is an expiration date on each meal which usually lasts between 4-6 days.